Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Google Coupons

This past August Google introduced "Google Coupons" as an enticemnet for companies to list themselves with google maps.

In the past when a user used Google Maps to look up a type of business in a particular geographic location, Yellow Page-like listings for businesses in the area appeared next to the map.

The new coupon program now allows those businesses also to promote discounts or special deals in printable coupons next to their listings. Customers can then print out the coupons and bring them to stores for redemption.

Both the local listing and the coupons are free.

Contractors can enter their listing and coupon information by logging in at the Local Business Center at Google Maps. You can update your coupons as often as you want.

No Need for a web site.

The Google coupon program does not require a business to have a web site to participate. Like coupons that come in the mail or in a newspaper, Google's virtual coupons enable businesses to target potential customers looking for fencing contractors or suppliers in their local area.

Google Maps attracted 23.7 million visitors this past July.


Here's an example of a listing Jones Spa and their coupon

What do you think?

Has anyone in the fencing industry tried using these online coupons before? Do you often use coupons in general? Let us know what;s working.

- Gene